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100 Pretty Girls

Step onstage, and

Sing my song

The pretty girls dance and

Sing along

But I don’t need 100 pretty girls,

I just need one


Step offstage at

2 AM, I pack

My stuff, goodbye to my friends

But never really knowin’

When the show’s gonna end


So can you show me

How it feels?

Rolling thunder,

Ride my heels

Cuz I don’t need 100 pretty girls,

I just need one


Into bed at 3 am

Hold my pillows and,

I just pretend

That all is good, all is grand


Cuz I have swum the

Shallow end for

Way too long, I

Can’t pretend that

I know love from

These wanna-be stayin’ songs


Chorus x1


It’s just my circumstance

I got no time left for romance

Then who the hell am I?

Just singin’ bout somethin’

Of which I know nothin’

This far in my life


But I won’t let it get to me, that

I’m a junky for novelty

And you can tread these waters, just

See how far you can wade in

Til it’s slowly evaporated


Chorus x1


And love is light, but

Love, it stings

Light your fire

Melt these wings

Cuz I was built to fly,

But maybe you can slow me down

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