David Austin is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter with roots in California and New England. As a youngin’ in Northern California, his life revolved more around sports and school than it did music, but there was musical spark there that would manifest in his constant singing along to the radio and performing in the occasional school concert.


At boarding school in high school, he dug more into guitar-playing and singing, and after realizing that nobody would take him seriously as an artist if he didn’t write his own songs, he began to do just that. He then attended the University of Southern California as a music major and started gigging with his band around LA. They gradually built a fan-base one by one and headlined venues like the Hotel Cafe, the Viper Room and the legendary Troubadour on weekend nights. 


Austin released his first project, Southwood Waltz, in 2019 and has already begun releasing singles off his upcoming project, Carolina Blue, set to be released in summer ‘22.


His music is a reflection of his life - both energetic and melancholic, travel-centered, diverse in influences - searching for home that it may never find while coming to terms with that realization. He’s been called a country artist by people who probably don’t listen to too much country, and an Americana artist by people who do. In his heart, he is a storyteller, and he looks to carry on the tradition of the legendary songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, Amos Lee and John Mayer, Stevie Wonder and Elton John.


To him, he’s part rock n roll, part western, part singer/songwriter, part blue-eyed soul singer, but he’s cool with letting you deciding for yourself.