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1. How much instrumentation can I expect in a standard 3-minute song?

          A backing guitar or piano track, a lead vocal, a backing vocal, and     an accompanying instrument track. It is a simple arrangement but it lets the lyrics and message shine through!

2. How much instrumentation can I expect in a fully produced 3-minute song?

             Fully produced songs include a drum track, bass, multiple guitar/piano tracks, lead vocals and background vocals.

3. What if I want to make a revision to my song?

            Revisions are absolutely fine! Just respond to your final order email with the exact lyric revisions you would like. If the revision is extensive, consider factoring the extra time spent on the song into a tip for the writer!

4. Who owns the copyright of the song?

             The Song Smith owns copyright of all standard 3-minute songs it creates. You may give it to and share it with whoever you like, though you may not monetize the song unless receiving permission from The Song Shop first. Use of songs in a commercial fashion will cost an extra $300 on top of the original song order and written permission from The Song Shop.

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