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Let Them Boys Play

A little bump, a little tug

A little push, a little shove

A little jawin’, little words bein’ said

Ain’t never really hurt anyone

If it gets goin’ south,

You can clear the place out

Make a ring, they gon’ swing and

You can throw your money down


In a Broadway bar

On a Saturday night

Or a football field, pushin’ steel

‘Neath the clear moonlight

Words were said

Lines got crossed

Steam built up and now it’s

Gotta burn off


You better let

Them boys play that crazy rock ’n roll

You better tell

That bouncer, “stay back by the door”

You better find someone to

Carry you back home

You better let

Them boys play,

Let them boys play


Pretty Jenny’s gettin’ sore

Just standin’ on the floor

watchin’ all the boys flinging round toys

Knowin’ she herself could make a little bit o’ noise, she’ll

take off those high heeled shoes,

And tell her man to hold her hoops and go,

And go


Chorus x1


You better pray

Your mama’s not already in a mood

You better polish

Up your fell-down-stairs excuse

It’s gettin’ rough

‘Cuz it got way long overdue

You better let

Them boys play,

Let them boys play


*Instrumental Break*


Chorus x2

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